Using Communication Skills to Enact Change

unknownThe ability to communicate effectively is a powerful tool in the hands of man. It is the magic wand that eases an idea into the mind of others to give substance to it, and helps transform the idea into the reality. It makes an abstract into the concrete; and aids in developing a rapport between individuals so that the flow of information is smooth and successful.

One communicates for many reasons; the primary one is to impart knowledge. But merely imparting knowledge is of no use until and unless this knowledge is accompanied by persuasion so that the receiver of the information is convinced that this is the ultimate one, and accepts it wholeheartedly and begins to think similarly. A policy change may be possible only if communication from one end is buffered by persuasion so that the other person is convinced of the efficacy of the suggested reforms.

I am of the opinion that successful communication entails following certain Mind Tools; in this case the 7Cs; they being clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous. A person desirous of a policy change may rally around his arguments; but these will reach the desired mark only if he follows that Mind Tools mentioned earlier; of these the two prime ones being correct and courteous. The desired reform in the specific policy will be impossible if the information is incorrect, or imparted in a rude manner. For correct information, the person should have the facts at the tip of his fingers; and this may require delving into exiting relevant data, or even conducting research for more pointers. The communication will then be complete, and the recipients will have all the facts laid out in front of them to understand the complete scenario, and agree to the suggested policy change.

My strengths in terms of communication are decoding non-verbal clues and body language. It is a known fact that the way a person looks at you, or sits, or stands, or moves or does not move his hands, speaks louder than spoken words. I am a keen observer of these unspoken messages and feel that people may communicate effectively through these. Of course, like everyone else, there are areas of improvement in this front; in my case, they being ensuring brevity and alignment. A sure-fire method to hone my skills of communication is to observe people when they are debating professionally to learn how to be succinct, and not to ramble but be aligned to the topic in hand. Apart from these lessons, observing debate activities and taking notes on the same would also help me to understand how people put forward a point with conviction, forcing the listener to agree with them. Lessons in speaking the mind would also follow as these debate sessions would teach me that it is possible to agree to disagree.

Apart from verbal communication, I would like to improve my written communication skills too. Taking cues from debaters, I would learn to judge an idea and take a stand regarding it, for or against; seeking proof to sustain my decision, and thus arriving at a synthesized conclusion, and express it verbally as well as in writing. This will be my key take away from debate sessions; helping me to be an effective communicator, so that the law makers I address would be convinced of the veracity of my stand, and take steps to rectify the problem laid down by me. In this context, I intend to adhere to the 7Cs of communication so that these people in power are favourably affected by my words, spoken and written, and respond accordingly.


Mind Tools. (2016). The 7 Cs of communication: A checklist for clear communication. Retrieved from


4 thoughts on “Using Communication Skills to Enact Change

  1. Hi Swathi, I enjoyed reading your post. I think written communication is one area that we are all learning and growing in. We communicate on a weekly basis with each other. We also communicate through research and assignments. So it is very important that the information that we provide is correct and relates to the topic at hand.


    1. Hi Swathi,
      Your very detailed posting on communication skills have actually enlightened me on the importance of establishing good communication skills. You are an eloquent writer and I enjoy reading your posting. What are some factors that may help one develop good communication skill?


  2. I really admire your writing skills, your passages are so eloquent! You are certainly skilled in written communication! I agree that one needs to use the 7 c’s in order to be heard, understood, and to have persuasion in communication. Without proper etiquette and skills, the target audience is unlikely to be open to the message or change in thinking.

    It is certainly an advantage to be able to pick up on body language and cues! I think this is one of my weaker areas as I just am not that observant, thus I am conscientious of it and try to be mindful of reading my audience thus I can avoid overlooking any signals he/she/they are displaying.

    Thank you for your insightful post. Due to your skills, it was a pleasure to read!


  3. Swathi,

    Very well written! Your written communication skills are expressive yet concise. It was good for me to read about non verbal communication. I tend to be get nervous and overuse my hands when speaking.

    Very informative post,



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